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Green Soup

My husband had green onion soup once, and only his father has the recipe. Having failed to obtain the recipe by the time I wanted to cook the soup, I resorted to searching Pinterest (duh!) for a green onion soup … Continue reading

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Photoshop: A Positive and Negative Innovation

I have been alive for only 21 years (22 in a few days). Therefore, I could not adequately say how Photoshop has affected images in our society over the last 20 years without doing some research.  According to Burim Loshaj, Photoshop came … Continue reading

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Vote NO Against SOPA and PIPA

Please vote no against SOPA and PIPA.  If you like your web freedom, please vote NO!  These laws enable Congress to shut down a whole DNS (Domain Name System-such as all WordPress sites-ALL of them!), even if it’s just one site … Continue reading

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“We are students from Macon State College, and we listen to the Anita Ponder Morning Show, 6-9 on 1280 WIBB.” Or do we?

        Write about your experience at the radio station for extra credit.  This assignment may substitute  for a quiz grade or a journal entry grade.  Write 2 or more pages describing what you learned, saw and experienced at the radio station.  How … Continue reading

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Macon Film Festival (MaGa), A Review

Prompt 3 Pretend that you are a film blogger.  Write an entry about the Macon Film Festival that you could submit to the festival’s blog.  Remember that writing for a blog is slightly different than an article for a newspaper or … Continue reading

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Newspapers Today: Are They Disappearing?

Prompt 2 Write an informative piece that describes the state of newspaper publishing.  What are the advantages of the print versus the online versions?  Include a case study of a newspaper that has a print and an online version; avoid using a local newspaper.  … Continue reading

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Re-writing Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer

Prompt 1 Refer to the website above that discusses how an author is attempting to re-write Twain’s work by removing the references to African Americans as the “n-word.”  Write a commentary that describes the story in detail and then … Continue reading

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