The Return of the Blog

After a lengthy hiatus, I have decided to again blog.  Since my last post, I have worked in professional environments for two years, have married my kind, loving, sweet, gentle husband who is the love of my life, and have born our first child.   Now I stay at home with our darling daughter, and I am attempting to return to the art of writing regularly.

I know that I want to write, but with so many ideas and interests swirling about the grid that is my brain, I am having difficulty deciding on a focus.  Thus, in the next few months I will be writing about various topics to hone my interests.

My Current Interests

Making Bible study a priority in my life is one of my current goals.  I know that I must be knowledgeable about the Bible in order to guide my daughter through life.  Furthermore, I need to focus on Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World to borrow the phrase from Joanna Weaver, author of the course I am currently studying.  You will see posts about what I am learning during my Bible study, prayer time, and probably life applications.

Along those same lines, the making of a family-oriented home is also a top priority right now.  I cook for my family with fresh vegetables from the local farmer’s market.  Trying to keep my family as healthy as possible and maintain a budget-friendly home takes a lot of time, energy, research, and experimentation.  So I will be writing about my recipes, health tips I learn, DIY projects, and my own personal garden growing adventures!

AllisonMy background is graphics and video, so naturally these topics are of great interest to me.  However, with an infant in the house, my time devoted to creation is slim to none.  However, I may occasionally create a graphic or review a book or a movie and post it here and on my other blog, Boutwell Productions.

So without further ado, expect my first post before the day turns Saturday!

Allison L. Goodman


About Allison L. Goodman

I am a stay-at-home wife and mother. I fill my days making taking care of my daughter, encouraging others, cooking meals for my family, managing my resources through DIY projects, and writing.
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2 Responses to The Return of the Blog

  1. It’s great that you’ve taken up blogging again! I’m new to the ‘blogosphere’ but its really taught me how important voices are. Have a look at my new post if you get the time.


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