God’s Rules

I was reading the Monday, February 20th article in the Journey magazine this past week.  It was talking about how God hates sin, and the reason He disciplines us is because he hates sin and he wants us to stay away from it.

Something I’ve never considered is this: God made rules because he doesn’t want to see us partake in bad things, to keep us from bad things, much like parents make rules to protect their children from bad consequences (Stay out of the kitchen when I’m cooking so you won’t get hurt).  God made these rules in part so that we won’t have to face negative situations and following negative consequences.  His rules are set in love.


About Allison L. Goodman

I am a stay-at-home wife and mother. I fill my days making taking care of my daughter, encouraging others, cooking meals for my family, managing my resources through DIY projects, and writing.
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