Realism in Hollywood

Television and movies have become so realistic that they are not realistic. 

Hollywood productions are so melodramatic.  While situations may seem realistic, such as divorce, falling in love, etc. the situations are overdone.  Everything is magnified in Hollywood.  For example, instead of quiet little verbal fights, the couple has to push and shove, scream and yell.  All fights are verbal.  In this day and age, some fights can be nonverbal – the cold shoulder, or hurtful comments quietly spoken.  Things happen over Facebook, email, and Skype nowadays, but Hollywood wants to stick to the same old “blow up” stories that create suspense and reaction in the viewer. 

The reason why classic movies such as Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and Gone with the Wind are such classics is precisely because of their realism.  Anne is a problem child; the girls in Little Women are poor, and make decisions that young adults have to make today, albeit not in the same fashion; military deployment is a problem for the families in latter two films.   

On a similar note, Little Women,Anne of Green Gables, and Gone with the Wind are based on books.  Most Hollywood movies based on books are the most successful not only in terms of profits but in quality, simply because books are more realistic than Hollywood original (or not-so-original) screenplays.  Screenplays are made for action and reaction, not realism.  Movies based on books, if they stay close in storyline to their original benefactors, are the most realistic.  For instance, they portray people of different shapes and sizes: take the characters of two previously mentioned movies as examples: there is an older, not-as-pretty woman in Anne of Green Gables, and there is a heavyset woman in Gone with the Wind.  Such movies also don’t overdo actions and reactions.  Marilla rarely yells in Anne of Green Gables, and Anne is punished like most normal children for normal childish acts committed today by children. 

What makes movies based on books endearing to many viewers, even those who have not read the books is that they are so well done because they are realistic.  A common saying in the literary world is that truth is always stranger than fiction.  Writers don’t about strange situations because normal situations easier to believe in fiction.  However, off-the-wall events that actually do happen and are reported in newspapers are believable because they are reported by a truthful, reliable source.  Bizarre events are more believable in newspapers rather than fiction, thus many writers stick to realistic situations for their novels.  Therefore, movies based off of books are inherently realistic, unlike action-reaction original Hollywood screenplays.


About Allison L. Goodman

I am a stay-at-home wife and mother. I fill my days making taking care of my daughter, encouraging others, cooking meals for my family, managing my resources through DIY projects, and writing.
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