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Dead Eyes of Utopia

“Pop Squad” by Paolo Bacigalupi describes a world in which people have eternal life but where childbearing is unlawful.  Two mothers in the story tell the main character, pop squad policeman, that he has dead eyes.  The man becomes habituated … Continue reading

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Cultural Progress? It’s All the Same.

Theodor Adorno claims that “What parades as progress in the culture industry, as the incessantly new which it offers up, remains the disguise for an eternal sameness; everywhere the changes mask a skeleton which has changed just as little as … Continue reading

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Familiar Plotting in Roger Mais’s “Red Dirt Don’t Wash”: A Response

            Critic Stewart Brown said that “No matter the social Milieu in which they are set, [Caribbean short stories] employ essentially conventional devices of story-telling, plot their tales in a familiar way, develop their characters through dialogue and the details … Continue reading

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