Newspapers Today: Are They Disappearing?

Prompt 2

Write an informative piece that describes the state of newspaper publishing.  What are the advantages of the print versus the online versions?  Include a case study of a newspaper that has a print and an online version; avoid using a local newspaper.  Make sure to use Charles Richardson’s comments as a primary source to add substance to your essay.  You may also refer to Walter Isaacson’s writings on the subject.

            The current state of newspaper publishing is declining; however, it is not completely disappearing.  Charles Richardson, a writer for the Macon Telegraph and guest speaker to my JOUR 1135 Mass Communications Survey class, was adamant that newspaper publishing was not disappearing.  He said that in the newspapers’ words, newspapers are “reengineering” and performing “workforce reduction” to cut costs; in Richardson’s own words, they are cutting jobs (Richardson).  Richardson said that as long as he is alive, newspapers in print will exist (Richardson).  His generation is the older generation, a people who existed before the creation of the internet, and who still prefer to hold a newspaper (Richardson).  Walter Isaacson wrote in Time Magazine that newspapers and newsmagazines have more readers than ever; readers are simply not paying because they are getting their information online (Isaacson).  Isaacson even said that more young people “especially” are reading news now (Isaacson).  Click here to view his article in Time.

            There are many advantages to the print versus the online version.  The main advantage is that the older generations can still hold the physical paper in their hands and read it, maintaining tradition.  Some people do not have access to the internet or do not know how to use it; so print is the only other option.  Also, readers can take a newspaper with them as they commute; print newspapers easily fold up and fit in a purse or brief case.  Some commuters do not have phones that access the internet or electronic readers, so print newspapers are preferable.  In my opinion, I look at a computer screen so much that any chance I get I try to choose any option that is not a computer screen.  I like to read a print newspaper, unless I am pressed for time and internet surfing is better, easier, or faster (for example, for breaking news).  But I tend to stick with more traditional views, even though I am technologically savvy (hence, I have a blog).

            The New York Times has both a print and an online version of its newspaper.  In fact, I live in Middle-GA, and I was in Books-a-Million a month or two ago and found a newspaper rack that had copies of the New York Times.  An advantage of the New York Times online is that you only see the whole article if you click on the hyperlink leading to it.  With a real newspaper, the whole article is present whether the reader wants it to be or not.  Also, just like most newspapers are divided by sections, a user can search articles by section online.

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  1. Michele Beverly says:

    Good, I did want to hear more about The New York Times, though.


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